“One of the BEST names in Rock ‘n’ Roll right now”.
‘Dark Beauty Music’

The Dark is a Brighton, UK based Rock / Alternative / Industrial project originating in Los Angeles, CA in 2015.

Fronted by singer / guitarist Brandon Ashley, The Dark is a band formed by guitarist Rob Trendy and bassist Samwise J Forrester. Additional live drums are provided by drummer Oscar Behrens.

Their music will remind you of bands like “The Killers”, “Filter”, “Orgy”, “Nine Inch Nails”, “She Wants Revenge”, “White Stripes”. The sound is influenced by elements of Grunge, 90’s Rock and heavy Industrial mixed with catchy guitar riffs and gritty, melodic vocals.

The Dark debut album “Live. Create. Destroy.” dropped on May 3rd 2018, exclusively premiered on ‘Pure Grain Audio’ along with their single video release “Dirty Girl” exclusively premiered on ‘’.

“With this record I’m taking you back to the darkest years of my life where nothing made sense but pain and self-destruction. I wish to share these words and music so other people out there going through the same path could get inspired and find a way out.”


“Live. Create. Destroy.” contains eleven tracks written and recorded in Berlin, DE where singer Brandon Ashley moved to in order to give birth to the debut record, which also features Christian Eigner of ‘Depeche Mode’ playing drums on the song “Product”.
The album is available on all major online platforms.

The Dark have worked among the others with legendary British producer Tim Palmer (Ozzy Osbourne, Pearl Jam, David Bowie) who mixed their first single “Teenage Angst”, featuring Glen Sobel (Alice Cooper) on drums.

Previously The Dark has been scoring a commercial for the clothing company ‘Virgin Blak’ also featuring a special appearance of singer Brandon Ashley.

With over 35K followers on their social media platforms, The Dark has been honored to tour/perform with Peter Murphy, Orgy, Wednesday 13 and granted the big opportunity opening for the ‘Wayne Static Memorial Show’ at the Whiskey A Go Go in 2015 in Hollywood, CA.

On March 2018 The Dark releases “A stunning version of Tori Amos’s ‘Crucify’.” - Spill Magazine.

At the moment The Dark are working on their upcoming single and second album to be released in 2019.

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